Jan 19, 2011

A Berrie Walk

Since I am waiting to see what comes of all my other shots I have taken. I thought I would take a walk and redo some captures only to find that it is hard. But anyway here are the same berries I took a bit ago and just played around with overlays and textures and layers. I was looking over at Kims blog Kim Klassen cafe and was inspired.Kims Cafe


Ashley Sisk said...

These are really beautiful shots.

tchesney said...

Kim's site is a favorite of mine! I love her textures and style! My favorite is the berries...love the muted colors and textures!

amatterofhowyouseeit.com said...

Lovely texture work. The first shot is just gorgeous!

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful shots, colors, textures and blog, I lake it!
Greetings and kisses from Croatia.
Zondra Art


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