Dec 22, 2010

Just a playing with a new Toy

I just got  Serifs Photo Plus x4 at target for a great price. I wanted something new for my desktop computer, for those time I am not on my lap top. It is a really cool soft ware, still learning and playing. I had to email myself my watermark, so I could make it into another brush for this computer. How clever am I?. Now I just got to master how to add actions to both computer, and so excited this software has Raw so hopefully it will work on this computer.

Here is a pretty I took this summer.

2 comments: said...

Lovely remembrance of summer - the composition and bokeh are wonderful. Have fun with the new software!

Jessaca said...

I really like this photo!!! I Love Target maybe I will check this software out. ;) Have a great day and a Wonderful Chrismas Liz!!!


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