Dec 27, 2010

First Self Portrait- Show and Tell Sitting.

Over at Paper Heart Camera it is portrait time. After like 50 shots, I finally decided this one would do. Just took this today, thought the front of the fireplace would be fun.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


Ashley Sisk said...

That looks really awesome! Love your selfie.

Jessaca said...

Great photo Liz!! Thanks for the tip on the photo fun over at Paper Heart, I gave you a link back on my blog! Hope you don't mind.

MarieElizabeth said...

Great self-portrait. You chose well.

Michelle said...

This is great! I think you did a wonderful job!

And sometimes, yes, it takes 50+ shots before you get one you finally like (I usually forget what all I was trying to fix!) Other times, you'll get it right off the bat (I only had time to take 6 pics and the one I used was the first one!)

Katelyn said...

I love this pic of you! So cool!


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