Dec 12, 2010

Camera RAW Help

I need major help. I have been searching on youtube, and Ashley over at Rambleings and Photos gave some help but I still do not understand.
Ok I have Elelements 8 and on there I have the camera RAW plugin, 5.50.97 version. So I already do have the plug in.
I have a Rebels XSI which this version supports. And on my camera I have it set to RAW.
In elements I open the image as RAW but then do not get the dialoge box to edit in RAW.
Also on youtube there is talk about  a Bridge? Aggggggggg.......
Why am I having such trouble?
If there is any kind souls who know how to make this work for me Please help.
Thanks.. And thanks again to Ashley who tried to help, i am just so new to all this I do not understand pds or things like that.

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Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Wow I love your photo. The only thing about your question I can comment on is that bridge is the organizer in the full Adobe software.


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