Dec 9, 2010

answered questions

Thanks to the two kind souls who came by and asked a question.

Katie  and  Jessaca

-Jessaca  question was, How did I come to know and love the Lord.
 Answer: In 1994 my mother passed away, and I just felt empty. My sister was praying for me at the time and I just cried out to God to be my savior. I did not really understand the ins and outs of sin but knew I was a sinner in need of a savior. So that January 1994 I gave my heart and life to Jesus.

Thanks Jessaca for that great question.

Katie  question was, What is yoiur favorite movie and why?
Answer: I would have to say The Ulimate Gift.
The lesson of giving and recieving. This movie really conficts me every time I watch it.

Thanks Katie for your question.


Katie said...

I've never heard of that movie - will have to check it out!

And to answer your Q about my Etsy shop - yes, I've made a few sales. With as many people that continue to open shops and all the massive amounts of new listings each minute, it can be challenging to get my shop seen though.

Jessaca said...

Liz thanks for the answer. I got saved in 1999..hehe not to long after you.
Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!!


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