Nov 23, 2010

Thankfully Behind.

So Thankful but as the title says am behind in my photo taking and sharing. I have a neat touch up for today but I work all day so it will have to wait. Also please do join the Worship Wed. Meme/ challenge this week It will be focused on PEACE.
Yesterday was  a very hard day for me but God made a way of escape.
I almost had to do jury duty, YUCK, in the city no less another huge YUCK. But bless the womens heart she let the rest of the people go who were not called at the end of the first day from the whole thing. Maybe cause of the holidays.. I do not care the whys I am so thankful because I had some scary expereinces in the city and I was dreding this for so long.
So... I am gratefull beyound belief.

Well I will be taking and uploading as soon as I can, till then have a fabulous day today.

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