Nov 28, 2010

Horseing Round

Yesterday I remembered that there was a horse down the street. The only one in town I think.
I took a stroll in search of it. I asked the women who owns it if I could take a photo. It was a cold day but I got some nice shots I will be sharing along the way.
This is for scripture and a snap shot. ( I know I spelled Guided wrong) Next time I go over I have to ask what her name is.


Jessaca said...

Hello Liz
Thanks for stopping by my black and white photography project.
How intereresting are the scriptures we find?! =D Again I find myself in awe of God and His word.Hope you have a great day and a lovely week.
PS Stay warm...snow it will be here for us soon.

Ruth said...

Hi Liz, thanks for the beautiful picture and the scripture!


Sheri said...

Beautiful shot and scripture!

Ginger said...

Oh to have a tongue guided by the Word. Love this!

Renegades said...

I love your scripture with your shot.

Karli said...

I love (and constantly need to be reminded of) this verse. What a great illustration! :-)

Ashley Sisk said...

Great message. And beautiful photo.

Kayce said...

Stunning picture!

Jenn said...

Beautiful picture! Excellent choice of verse. I love it.

Katie said...

Wow - this is a really thought provoking verse! And I love your shot, too!


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