Oct 11, 2010

A Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to those who have visited my blog thus far. I have really enjoyed sharing and visiting everyones blogs myself. I am having so much fun learning and growing in my photo taking. Thank you to those who are my followers, Just know I am yours as well.

I try to make it a point to visit each blog on any given challenge, I am so blessed to see such great work, I truly get more inspired each day. As we all know it sometimes maybe hard to comment on everyones blog everyday. I wish I could but somedays it is just tough. I am sure you must feel the same. But when I can I will and if I miss some ones wonderful post please do not feel ignored. Life is just busy for all of us.

Some time soon I want to make my own challenge here at Made to Worship Art and Photography, I have some ideas, but still brainstorming. I am thinking a Wednsday challenge. Something about worship to our great God. So if you have any feed back or ideas please share them.

Well thank you again for those who have left me comments of encouragement.

Now get out there and take some more wonderful shots. Be blessed!!!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

I just started a meme on my blog called 'Old Barns' & I'm still brainstorming more ideas on that, so I don't really have any ideas for another one, but I'll keep it in mind.
Your blog is beautiful!


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