Oct 30, 2010

Room to Learn and Grow.

Happy Saturday to all.
I just wanted to say another thank you to my faithful followers. Your comments are so kind. Though I would like to maybe have more honest , respectful and helpful feed back, sometimes the truth hurts. Only though to help grow and be of a challenge to improve.
Let me just mention that I am VERY new to this most splendid hobbie/ profession for some. Like two months new. Taking photos/ editing all of it. So be gentle I ask .
Please if you have positive and heartfelt comments do share and post them. But I would ask if you have a little bit more critical comment go ahead and contact me by useing the form by going to the contact area of this site. For those of you who have been respectful and decided to contact me personally, Thank You.!!!!
I am not perfect, therefore the photos I take will not be either. I do this for the joy of capture and sharing. Somedays I suprize myself with a good shot and other days they are lacking. Hopeing that with each day there will be more of the good.
I also wanted to just say that I do not always have enough time to really sit and do a perfect edit.  Nor the perfect editing software as some have.  As you all must know it is time consuming. So please have that in mind as well.

With that being said... Happy shooting everyone.

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