Oct 7, 2010

Mixed Up

Been really busy but have taken some pictures. I have to take time to prosses them all but here is one that I thought was neat. I tried the Garden Fairy way from Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. I do not have photoshop, I use pixlr or paint but this is what I came out with. Oh and I change my water mark. ( Still trying to figure that one out.)





Katie said...

I have yet to try this - I like how soft and artsy it made your shots look! Works well with the flowers!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your approach is much softer which is creating an interesting effect.

denise said...

What a pretty and dreamy effect! It's beautiful with the flowers.

Heather T. said...

Nice effects/overlays....such softness. I change my watermark so often and the colors of my blog and my living room and..and...and.

Don't feel bad, change is good, especially the kind that we can do on our own ♥


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