Oct 1, 2010

Flowers on Saturday

Joining in for Flowers on Saturday. I took this a month ago and just had a post of it below but thought I would edit it alittle more for fun and have it for this post as well. ( I have been having technical difficulties but hopefully they will be fixed soon ).


Bluberry craft and hobby time


Katie said...

That's a neat edit - a little green, a little yellow and a little b&w!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Very, very well done. A fantastic shot and edit.

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful. I like the contrast.

Erika B said...

Beautiful shot! I love that you chose to publish it in black and white. The soft light is gorgeous.

Erika B

Mel Cole said...

Oh very pretty rose picture.

BTW, I got your blog added to my blog roll today, hope you'll do the same?

Mel @ Arty Bluejay

Ewa said...

I love your edit, it's a bit differenet from your B&W so can't decide which I prefer more:)
thank you for linking today!

Diane said...

Lovely in B&W! :O)

Allie said...

Hey Liz! Yes I did use her font. You can go to the link underneath for tutorial! Hope that helps!


Sarah Halstead said...

What a cool photo. I really like this edit.


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