Oct 28, 2010

Disconnected Randomness

We are having a wind storm here and things are not working right. I will be back... In the mean time I would really love feed back on my new challenge posted  two posts down.
Here is an previous shot I took this summer. One of many shots that got this blog started in the first place.

 And here is a random capture/ texture. I am working on sharpness and focus.
My choice for A Pastor`s Girls Ponderings- Color



Ruth said...

gorgeous picture!!

Katie said...

The butterfly is beautiful and makes me miss summer already!! And I can see an improvement already with focus in your flower! :) Keep up the great work, Liz!!

carlotta said...

Both of these are so gorgeous! Wonderful job.

Ashley Sisk said...

Very nice.

Ewa said...

your flower edit look amazing!

Melissa said...

Oh I love the flower!
Beautiful choice of texture!


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