Oct 14, 2010

A cats Life Fun shoots

So last night I tried taking my girls(cats) pictures. They were not having any of it. Well this morning I was able to have them be pretty for me, or at leaste one of them. These are Emma and Ruby, two cats I adopted literally from a women who moved to Mexico. I love them to pieces and they have been a real comfort for me. The first is Emma the black and white one-

She is miss social she loves being near me and follows me everywhere.

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The Second take is of Ruby, she was not really into it this time either but... Cute when she wants to be, does not like being held she meows like you are harming her, but she is used to being held more now. I just tell her I am giving her love , just accept it. She is my sleeping companion though need to be right on my pillow.


This  shot of Emma is my favorite, what a little model she is.

Here Ruby is just being herself still not intrested.


Emma again I do like how   I got this shot.


Oh Ruby look excited or something. Maybe that bokeh in the lower corner will get ya going.




Elizabeth said...

Great closeups and you can really see their different personalities through the photos!

razzamadazzle said...

These are beautiful pictures of lovely kitties.


Kristen said...

Cats are so hard to photograph! Mine NEVER looks at the camera. I think my favorite photo is the one of Ruby with the sun behind her, it's a neat effect.

Christine said...

such pretty kitties & beautiful lighting!

Becca said...

beautiful photo of your "girls" I never get tired of seeing cat photos!
Have a great weekend, and thanks for dropping by my blog!

Mama Monkey said...

great photos of your kitties!!!


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