Oct 13, 2010

Black and White Wendesday

Thought I would give this a try. Here is mine. A few days ago I was at the lake and everyone was out in their boats. It was such a nice day. ( Smaller pic right now my computer is being fussy)


See some other neat black and whites.

the long road


Katie said...

This is really great b&w processing!!

Icy BC said...

What an awesome capture in black and white! Thanks for visiting!

Ewa said...

this is great b&w edit, it's great to be able to capture moments like that:)

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Really neat black and white!

Julie said...

I love that it has a vintage feel!

Ellie said...

very cool - I love sailboats :)

Erika B said...

Very pretty with that vintage look!

Erika B

Sarah Halstead said...

What a cool photo. I like it!


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