Oct 20, 2010

Black and White Wedesnday


My submission for Black and White Wedsneday

the long road

Also joining in On Cloud Nine- Now I know the photo does not have to be a cloud but this make me happy. Also this is my first cloud capture in Mannual. I was just excited It worked so well.



Emily Grace said...

Love the high contrast, Liz!

Sister in Christ,

Ashley Sisk said...

Is that an egg? It looks cool.

carlotta said...

The first one is super cool! Love it.
And isn't manual so fun? I was super excited when I finally figured out how to take pictures in it...I only shoot in it (manual) now.

Amy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous macro shot! I love the speckles in black and white.

Also, thanks for stopping at my blog. Hope you come back again soon!

lisa said...

These are beautiful!

Kayce said...

Oh I just love the black and white!

MarieElizabeth said...

That cloud does make me happy - and happy for you as you learn the camera. Isn't it amazing how every new thing you master is so much fun?

Erika B said...

Such a beautiful black and white. Well done!

Erika B

Ewa said...

love your B&W, a simple item but you made it looks so nice

Katie said...

Love the B&W and way to go in manual!!! Awesome job Liz!!


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