Sep 21, 2010

Playing Around with textures.

Here is Mr. Blue with alittle texture.



Ashley Sisk said...

kind of an interesting effect...almost looks sketched now.

Liz said...

Hey Ashley I did this ,this morning a really hurry job. But tomorrow I am going to really sit down and fool around with it more. And maybe next week I can get a better shot of this guy. I would love to get it`s head shot closeup.

Rebecca said...

Cool effect. Around here they are sooo hard to photograph because they are so skittish. They always see me before I see them and the it is too late.

You could link this to Midweek Blues on my blog The Dusty Cellar! It is a perfect fit.

Liz said...

Thanks Rebecca I will. I had dogs with me and they scared it away right after I took that shot.


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